Following with its formative programming and attending to the kind invitation taken by the leaders of the 26 de Febrero club of the Barrio de la Palmilla, the entire delegation of the A.C. InterSoccer Madrid traveled to Málaga on the morning of Monday, February 11. Already there they settled in the magnificent hotel resort of Fuengirola IPV Palace. In its modern facilities, located on the beachfront, the delegation of the academy spent two unforgettable days.

Already in the soccer field of the Virreina of the neighborhood of Malaga, Joaquín Barrios, responsible for the football project of the academy, arranged the following eleven to start the match against the hosts club February 26, Youth Honor Division -directed by the former emblematic player of the CD Malaga, Apoño-. Namely: Cabrero; Vadim -capitán-, Alex, Sebas; Moha, San Segundo; Fabrice, Khurshid, Maykel; Rabii and Dorian Meha. They also played: Brayan, Tanguy, Santi Restrepo, Dhruv, Jose Maria Roquero, Elage, Cristian Alcantara, Laurent, Nathaniel and Fabian.

In an extraordinary game played by the boys of A.C. INTERSOCCER won by the result of 2/3 to the magnificent youth team division of honor, February 26, with goals from Brayan, Fabrice and Santi Restrepo.

Miguel San Segundo was named the best player of the match, who made a game for the memory from his position as a defensive midfielder.

The game was witnessed by many people related to professional football: scouts, agents, managers of base club football, former professional players … among them José Luis Zalazar -ex of Albacete, Cádiz … and Uruguayan international-, Luis Carlos Fernández -IS SPORTS Agencia -… etc. All came out pleasantly surprised at the level of play, commitment and talent of the boys of the A.C. Intersoccer.

Great feeling from the whole team! Unbeatable formal and sporty image of the green-black expedition! Exemplary behavior and full of attention from the entire club February 26 for the expedition of the academy!

You can see below the video summary of the tour in Malaga:

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