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Probably, the best football & soccer academy in Spain

A.C. Intersoccer is probably one of the best private soccer academies in Spain. The success stories of our students demonstrate this.

A.C. Intersoccer is an academy and a football club, but also organizes sporting events and is also specialized in sports consulting.

We are the organizers of two of the most prestigious football tournaments in Madrid, Memorial Luis Aragonés -Copa Champions sub-16- and the Villa de Alalpardo Tournament Tribute to Vicente del Bosque, with the presence of clubs like Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid , FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, AC Milan, Sevilla FC and of course our sponsor club Alcobendas Levitt.

Why choose InterSoccer as a football academy?

Competitive football

The soccer scenario offered by our academy allows our students to obtain the best opportunities for training and growth, with a multitude of categories where they can fit depending on the age and level of each player. Categories ranging from Juvenil Nacional, Preferente Aficionado, 3rd Division, and 2nd B among others. This allows the advantageous student the possibility of having the necessary tools to generate a development path towards a professional objective.

This environment offers footballers a constant challenge to overcome and great advantages to improve, in addition to constant exposure to scouting networks.

Professional team

Intersoccer is a private football academy with an organization similar to a professional football team. We take our job and the learning of our students seriously. We have a team of highly qualified professionals, from our Sports Director, through UEFA PRO coaches (maximum UEFA level), physical trainer, goalkeeper coach, physiotherapist, nutritionist and sports psychologist.

Training sessions

We emphasize in all the aspects that we consider important for a continuous improvement of our athletes: technical, tactical, physical and psychological. The training sessions are held in morning and afternoon sessions. In the afternoon the players train with local players in a local team, allowing them to enrich his experience. We put special emphasis on the theoretical learning of the game, helping the player to develop an intelligent game that allows him to make the most of his potential.

Professional projection of players

Intersoccer is characterized by being the private football academy that has obtained one of the highest ratios of players placement in the professional field. In fact, it has its own talent incubation program InterSoccer Talents Program, from which every year new promises to professional soccer are catapulted.

Integral education

The full-course programs offer secondary education courses (ESO or Baccalaureate) at the Montealbir private school. These courses are compatible with secondary education in other countries and provide access to the university. In addition, our academy teaches Spanish courses parallel to formal education. Educational programs are fully integrated with sports training.

Residential environment

Intersoccer has its own residential building, in the quiet town of Sotrondio, in San Martin (Asturias), 45 minutes from the Asturias airport, where students enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay, from where they can carry out their sports or school activities. The main soccer field is located on the same premises as the main building. We also have our own dining room service with meals adapted to the nutritional needs of our students.

Asturias beloved homeland

Asturias is a paradise in Spain where nature floods all landscapes and where football is lived with great feeling in all the towns and cities of the Principality. Flights from Madrid to Asturias airport have a short duration of one hour. In Asturias, the Intersoccer Academy has found the perfect place for the development of its programs, a natural and healthy environment, unbeatable facilities and football at the highest level that allows our students to gradually approach a professional environment.

Full and enriching experience

Participation in our programs provides students with a vital and sporting experience that is difficult to achieve in other areas. The sports discipline, the studies, the multicultural and multilingual environment, together with the autonomy and responsibility necessary to follow the program, make the experience extremely enriching both from a sporting and human point of view.

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