One more year – and there are seven already -, taking advantage of the holidays of the long weekend of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception, the A.C. INTERSOCCER made a trip of coexistence and dispute of friendly matches for a Spanish region. This time, again, after two years of absence, the verdinegros relocated to the Diego de León university residence in San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante).

From there they moved to the dispute of the two games played. In the meantime, they could enjoy both the magnificent university town, near Alicante, and the incredible beaches of the area. With a true springtime during the whole tour, the whole expedition had a great time in the Postiguet beach and in the port of Alicante during the first morning and on the beach of San Juan during the last morning for those beautiful lands.

In terms of sports, during the second day, the youth team of the academy – made up of boys from the official competition youth team in the RFFM, plus young boys and cadets from the residence of Alalpardo who, being foreigners and minors, are not they can still have a record in Lorquí (Murcia) against the local youth team that competes in the National League of Murcia and is currently in top positions in the classification.

For that match, Joaquín Barrios, general manager of the Intersoccer football project, arranged in the following initial eleven: Cabrero (Spain); Parra (Spain), Santi (Spain), Elage (Guinea Bissau), Vadim (Russia); Rabii (Morocco), San Segundo (Spain), Moha (Ivory Coast), Khurshid (Uzbekistan); Dorian Hanza (Equatorial Guinea) and Daniel Danu (Moldova). They played later: Dhruv (India), Brayan (France), Tanguy (Switzerland), Sziebe Marcin (Poland), Aynar (Russia), Fabian Whyte (Nigeria), Laurent (Congo), Javier Salas (Mexico), Nathaniel (United Kingdom) ), Maciej (Poland) and Gabriel Bader (Ecuador).

The match was very disputed and before a great rival, not in vain is a team that currently seeks to return to the National Honor Division. The result was 2 to 0 favorable to the local team but, until after the 60th minute, the score was not broken. Taking into account, in addition, that in the A.C. Intersoccer played several junior boys and three cadets.

The whole expedition left, at night, very happy Lorquí where, both the club president, Joaquin, old friend of the academy, as the rest of managers and technicians had a very friendly and exemplary behavior with the entire InterSoccer delegation.

That being the case, only the strongest sports dish was left before returning to Madrid. And it took place in the municipal field of the town of Hondón de las Nieves, near Elche. There, the senior team of the academy -with several youth in the call of the game- faced the Ulicit Ilicitana, subsidiary team of Elche C.F. that militates in the Preferred Regional of the Valencian Federation.

For this confrontation, Joaquín Barrios, ordered the following eleven: Rubén (Spain); Iván Rozas (Spain), Rishabb (India), Amir (Israel), Alex (USA); Moha (Ivory Coast), San Segundo (Spain), Borja (Spain), Kang (South Korea); Fabrice (Cameroon) and Peli (Spain). Later they entered: Rabii (Morocco), Vadim (Russia), Khurshid (Uzbekistan), Marcin (Poland) and Yan (Spanish goalkeeper cadet debuting with seniors).

The history of the match can easily be summed up: the INTERSOCCER boys made a real match. At the break the scoreboard showed a prominent 0-2 that clearly reflected what was developed on the field. The result that would be extended to 0-3 at the end of the contest.

Strong victory achieved against a great rival, endowed with as much quality as competitive ability. However, these credentials were not enough to prevent the victory of the A.C. INTERSOCCER, where with a great level of all the participants in the party, stood out in a way, Kang and Peli. Being the performance of this last spectacular, scoring, in addition, the three goals of the game … and what golazos!

With the aftertaste of victory, and the memory of the magnificent experience lived in the Alicante-Murcia tour, the entire expedition set course for MADRID. Stop for dinner in Almansa, hometown of Santiago Bernabéu – “almost nothing” -… and at three in the morning in Alalpardo. And, although tired, but with great satisfaction of the entire human group – players and staff – this was the end of one more stage of the “football training project” of the Academy.

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