Starting with a victory: InterSoccer Academy Club 2 - 1 EMF Cobeña

The InterSoccer Academy Club played yesterday morning his first official match, leaving clear that did not came to walk around the fields of the Third Division Madrid Amateur League.

The black-greens came out to win from the start and found a tough opponent, the EMF Cobeña, who was also seeking the three points from the first moment until the end of the match.

During the first half the game was something entrenched in midfield, no chances for either of the two sets until Pinel and Alvaro began to move the ball, causing the continuous uncheck of Dani and Junior. Pinel was who made a truly great goal from the edge of the area, after a rebound. And just two minutes later, it was he who made the 2-0. The team, led by Mariano relaxed, which caused the Cobeña shorten the distances, which gave wings to visitors.

The second half was a constant visitor siege, which allowed Juanjo, the goalkeeper, demonstrate the certainty he provides to InterSoccer. Locals sought against sentence the speed with Dani, and the last pass of Manu or Junior. Barry’s entry gave more consistency to midfield, which allowed the final minutes to more peace to black-greens fans.

The Academy project goes ahead on the right foot, and better football.

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