Formed in the AC INTERSOCCER, where he arrived in June 2012, today we can give this great news of our most important alumnus – soccer professional – in the history of our organization.


Review of his performance:

Match Cameroon vs. Burkina Faso.

Pierre Brisson de Beauvais Stadium – France -.

05/27/2018. 16.00 h.

First time:

He had little participation in the game. Located more to the right of the midfield and following – at least that was perceived from outside – the coach’s instructions to be well placed – perhaps to hold the contras of the opposing team and to intervene in the circulation of the ball at the first touch. However, this was impossible because of the anarchy of the band players who insisted on making war on their own without elaborating and maintaining more control of the game. He had a good opportunity to shoot successfully from the edge of the area but, not doing it first, the ball was rearranged after turning on itself and the shot did not enjoy the necessary inertia.

Second time:

Intervened much more from a position in the middle field more heeled to the left and thanks to, finally, the band players and those who participated in the development saw in it the possibility of creating more combination game to get with more chances to oppose goal and also cause more fouls and corners. In a 30-meter foul he made an extraordinary performance – a great personality when deciding to throw it despite being the debutant – forcing the Burkina goalkeeper to draw a tremendous hand in the squad. He was also the play in which with a very bright last hat pass Cameroon striker – I think Njie Clinton was shot down, causing a penalty after failed.

A remarkable match by Pierre Kunde in his debut in the national team of his country.


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