InterSoccer Madrid visit AC Milan's Real Leno school in Brescia

During our stay in Italy, we visited the town of Leno which is in the Brescia region. There, we met our friends at the Real Leno ‘calcio’ club, one of AC Milan’s most important schools in Lombardy.

It is always a pleasure to visit Leno. Despite the changing climate and difficult pitch conditions, all of the children play with an incredible passion under the watchful eye of Mauricio Angelino – The President. Watching the enthusiasm of the younger teams reminded us of our footballing roots and how we developed our passion for the game.

After this, we visited the city of Cremona. There, we enjoyed an extraordinary pizza in a traditional restaurant and talked with great passion about football, future trips and building a link with Real Leno and InterSoccer. In April, five boys from the school in Leno will come to the InterSoccer home in Alalpardo for several days. They will be accompanied by Edoardo Sachchini. Edo and his players will experience life at InterSoccer and our link with Alcobendas Levitt CF.

Together with Daniele we returned to Milan talking about the satisfaction of making real an exchange program between the Italian boys from that wonderful place and our students of InterSoccer and Alcobendas.

InterSoccer Madrid visit AC Milan's Real Leno school in Brescia

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