Great match we enjoyed in Valdelasfuentes on monday from one of the more tough teams in Madrid Honour Division youth category

InterSoccer Academy team, playing in white due to the local clothing, completely green.

The InterSoccer Academy team went on decided to win the game, putting pressure on opposing defenses, giving no chance to get the ball played. This pressure led to the first goal after a mistake by the defense and goalkeeper. The first goal gave wings to the visitors, who disposed of many goal chances in the first half but only took one: Mendes putting the second one on the scoreboard.

The second half changed dramatically, the changes improved the Alcobendas team, revealing InterSoccer needs ahead of the season. The home club took all its offensive potential as shortened distance in scoreboard. It was not until the last minute when Alcobendas won the tie, after a great assist from one of our students in InterSoccer Residence, Oscar, with 10 on his back.

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