Another year the AC InterSoccer Madrid team demonstrates that it is at a very high competitive level, rivaling the best Spanish youth teams.

The team made a great group stage with very competitive rivals such as Rayo Majadahonda and Getafe, tying both games which were worth the pass to the quarterfinals, where we expected a Real Madrid. A great fortune for InterSoccer kids who could see firsthand what it feels like to face a rival of such prestige and quality … and the first part was spent with an InterSoccer team that stood up against Real Madrid and who fought with the one to one, creating many chances of danger, a goal of fortune, to hit the ball in a defense and change the trajectory of the ball, made the meringues take advantage in the first part, which did not leave throughout the game .

However, and despite not being able to move to the next round, we have to be very proud of the level reached by this team, and above all, by the excellent behavior and camaraderie shown at all times.

Let’s go InterSoccer!

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