In addition to a complete sports, study, residential and care planning, the Intersoccer Academy has among the programs that it develops in its H.P.C. (High Performance Center) of Asturias with an enviable sports structure, which offers its students the possibility of joining a range of professional or semi-professional category teams, depending on their age and sports level. The attractiveness of this structure is precisely the range of categories and levels available, which makes it easier for students to find the optimal level where they can best show their skills, and at the same time, continue to evolve and have the possibility of moving up the scale according to their performance. 

These categories include, but are not limited to: National Youth, Preferente, Tercera and Segunda B.

For example, a usual path for a student could be to start in the National Youth, to continue later in the Preferente and from there make the jump to Tercera or Segunda B; Although it is true that some students, with outstanding abilities, have already shown that they can jump on this scale from the National Youth to Segunda B. The advantage of this structure is focused precisely on being able to do so.

In the accompanying images we can see five of our students, aged between 16 and 18 years, ready to compete with the National Youth of the U.P. Langreo (reference club in Asturias).

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