One of ours, Pierre, in Alcobendas CF team

Pierre, Under-18 player of Cameroon and belonging to the orbit of the prestigious Italian club AC Milan, is currently a host of our Residence InterSoccer Madrid Academy and yesterday made his debut in the first team Alcobendas Football Club, affiliate with InterSoccer.

Unsurprisingly, Pierre had a great performance, he created the pass to the first goal and its runs over a hundred feet were the great sensation of that autumn afternoon in Alcobendas. It was magnificent to see, in a team as young as the Alcobendas, actions led by the only veteran Hoyos -captain with a professional resume worthy of respect and admiration- with the support and understanding of the young debutant. They, along with the other players, -pay attention to goalkeeper Alberto of only 18 years- harvested a creditable victory: 2 – 0 against Periso, placing the green team in sixth place in the league table of the top cathegory senior of the Community of Madrid: the First Division Preferential.

Yesterday, in the Alcobendas Municipal, many people began to dream of promotion to national category, seeing the young first local squad.

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