Meritorious tied match: C.D. Cobeña 1 - 1 InterSoccer Academy Club

The academy club started winning the match but after getting ahead allowed the opponent tying the match with a stopped ball move.

The game started with chances for both teams but none of them was able to take control of the game. After several minutes, the InterSoccer started having possession but without creating real danger, although it could receive a goal after some losses, but Javi and Bruno were very fast. In the last play of the first half, with a great counterattack, Cata was able to wiggle out of the defense and put the goal over the keeper. With the scoreboard on 0-1 the fist half came to end.

At the beginning of the second half Sory could sentence but his shot, after a great play of Junior, crashed against the post. From this moment on the visitors seemed to have scared its rival and maintained control of the game, but a poorly drawn fault led another fault against the locals that took advantage to even the score. The rest of the match was a wild run with chances for both sides, clearer for the Cobeña team, but no one moved over the scoreboard.

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