Mer-Pi Alcobendas 0 - 7 InterSoccer Academy Club

Victory necessary for InterSoccer Academy Club in a tough opponent’s home who uses its seniority and camp’s reduced size to be strong at home.

The InterSoccer Club knew that keep dreaming was in the bet so came out to the victory with all weapons. The first goal came thanks to a Musah center, on the right who put the ball on the penalty spot, to enter defense, and Antonio made the first goal. The InterSoccer looked good, and Jorge Musah and put the 0-3 before the break, with let the match ready for judgment.

The second half began with the Mer-Pi above squeezing scratch looking for something positive, prompting them to open holes, and Manu, who was returning from injury, increased the distance on the scoreboard. With the Mer-Pi team already melted came three more goals, one of them an own goal, and the other work of Antonio, and Cata.

The match ended with a clear result in favor of InterSoccer still in the fight for promotion.

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