InterSoccer Academy Club visits and overcomes Tomelloso CF

Following the recent signing of Henry, former InterSoccer player, for Tomelloso CF las Thursday our kids, led by Mass, traveled to the popular and important city of Castilla-La Mancha for a friendly match against local football team, former 2ndB Division team and currently trying to get back to that category since its good position in Regional Preferred Division.

What a great match our students played! Their play was spectacular throughout the match, reflected in the final score: 0-1 with a huge goal made by Sory against a senior team. Take into account that most of the blackgreens students are youth level, even some of them yet in cadet category.

The InterSoccer Academy team was formed by Dar Korolev -Russia-, Lopez Farr -England-, Yanis -Algeria-, Yassine -Algeria-, Jimmy -Haiti-, Floriam -France-, Ernesten Samba-Cameroon-, Emile -Guinea C.-, Christian -Holland-, Rahmé -Sweden- and Sory Kaba -Guineab C.-. They also played Anthony -India-, Kang -Korea-, Hoji -Uzbekistan-, Goswami -India and Amine -Morocco-.

Nice day that InterSoccer Academy squad spent in La Mancha, region of Cervantes’ Don Quixote, returning Alalpardo with the feeling of a well done job. The whole team left an image of magnificent game and enthusiasm, also the technical work begins to bear fruit regularly. Very good work done by Henry defending the white shirt of Tomelloso.

InterSoccer Academy Club visits and overcomes Tomelloso CF

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