InterSoccer Academy Club begins competition

After the magnificent third place in Regional Senior Category on season 2012-2013, the InterSoccer Academy Club last Friday the 20th in a match postponed, began the current season visiting Buitrago to face the town’s team, getting a very struggled three goals’ tie.

Two days later, on Sunday, and following the regular schedule of the league, “the students” played as visitors again, this time in a more distant location located in Rascafria mountain. There, a one goal draw, certified the end of another tough game.

The start of the season is leaving a good feeling in the team of Dani Martin. We hope to get records like those of last season, both in sportive and formation aspects: being third place in its first year on competitive level and giving training and promotion to young talents. Just some data supporting this reality: Andres and Manu play in teams of high level regional category; Otia, after playing the U17 World Club Cup with Atletico de Madrid, signed by such a prestigious club; Musah, has already debuted with Sanse on Third Division and last Sunday, Barry the captain of “the students” so beloved by all, debuted with the first team Levitt Alcobendas.

Happy season to all!

InterSoccer Academy Club begins competition

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