When the first third of the competition in the Royal Football Federation of Madrid (RFFM) has passed, last Sunday, December 16, and the two teams of the InterSoccer Madrid Academy lead, respectively, their two groups of competition. The senior team does it in group 2 of the Second Amateur Division of Madrid and the youth team does it in group 4 of the Second Youth Division of Madrid. And with a fantastic added fact: both are the most goalscorers of the entire RFFM football currently in all its categories. In this section, the record is held by the youth of Borja Velasco with 58 goals -5.8 goals per game-; maintaining Carlos Cura’s senior a record of 50 goals -3.8 goals per game having played more games-. To obtain this data, the top scorer of the youth team is Dorian Hanza with 13 goals -second top scorer in his group- and the senior’s senior is Peli, also with 13 goals and, where appropriate, top scorer also in his group of competition.

Great news for the academy! It is a great joy for all those who work every day in the training and competition football project directed by Joaquín Barrios.

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