Early -final- in the Youth League

Atletico Madrid lose to Chelsea in London, in what many have been classified as an anticipated final, and will not be in the final phase of the youth competition.

We bring the news published by Marca, one of the largest sports publication in Spain, in which one of the best students of InterSoccer Madrid is portrayed again. While the defeat to Chelsea removes off Atletico, it is noteworthy that is the only Spanish team that reached the semifinals and has made an excellent campaign in this competition. Armando de la Morena, coach of Atletico, was pleased with the performance of his players in the words published in Marca: “I think we have to be proud of Athletic Academy, all the boys, and how we have competed in all games we’ve played in the Youth. We competed against a great team, that sure is one of the favorites to win the trophy. Was an early final session.”

Sure Otia and his team mates will reappear soon for new challenges and headlines. Good luck to all!

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