Chema Moreno, goals for A.C. InterSoccer Madrid

The group 3 First Regional will have a major front player the upcoming season. The AC InterSoccer Madrid has hired José María Sánchez Moreno “Chema Moreno”.

The young 22 years old player has been an emerging star from CD San Roque EFF -Preferential-; Chema also got to play in the same category in the Sanse B. The striker has been since he kicked his first ball in Alcobendas-Levitt CF, where got to play in the Junior Division Honor.

In National Youth arrived at 15 goals and as midfielder at Youth Honor Division reached the remarkable figure of 7 points. The AC InterSoccer Madrid is glad to incorporate such a magnificent player and expect him to increase the goals defending the black-greens.

A detail: Chema is Quique Sanchez Flores nephew, international former player of Real Madrid and now one of the best coaches in the first national and international ranks.

Welcome to InterSoccer!

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