Thank you very much to all of you who have made this course possible, many thanks to the technical team – coaches, trainers, sports psychologist, physiotherapist -; thanks to the staff of the residence makes it possible for our students to live in an orderly manner and to eat properly; thanks to our driver for so many trips to training in Alcobendas and school;thanks to Colegio Montealbir for its adaptation, flexibility and commitment to our students achieve their academic goals; thanks to our accountant for his dedication; thanks to the technical staff of Alcobendas Levitt for integrating our players in their club, thanks to the City Council of Valdeolmos-Alalpardo for their invaluable help and collaboration in all the projects and adventures that we present, thanks to the Management of the Academy for always being there, thanks to our coordinator for your patience, thanks to the Community Manager for the digital presence and of course to our Webmaster for keeping us informed, thanks to our trusted photographer and our audiovisual content maker, many thanks to the teams that have participated in our InterSoccer Open League and that have allowed us to offer a high competitive level to our league, and especially thanks to our students: Vadim, Khurshid, Brayan, Osman, Millán, Fabian, Juan Pablo, Ruslan, Aynar, Danila, Revanth, Maciej, Tanguy, Sebastian, Christian, Laurent, Indafa, Ivan, Marcin, Yan, Moha, Arabii, Giovanni, Fabrice, Rajeev, Ronaldo, Alec, Klien, Arturo, Artem, Joaquín, Gonzalo, Santiago, Luis Miguel, Bhavneet and Alex, without which the result would not be possible.

We have learned a lot this year, but we know that the road is long and we still have a long way to go, to improve. We will maintain the same premises that give us such good results: humility and work.

The 2017-2018 academic year has ended, we look forward with hope and confidence to the new 2018-2019 academic year.

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