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Soccer Education & Exchange Programme

An academic and football exchange program

International Soccer Academy of Madrid is an international academic and sports exchange program which gives youth soccer players the opportunity to study in the beautiful city of Madrid. As well as receiving first-class soccer training and coaching, our Academy students will also experience different aspects of the Spanish culture and language.

  •  A professional football set up in a great atmosphere with a highly qualified coaching staff.
  •  One of the best schools in Madrid, student residence visa included.
  •  Full lodging, three meals included (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in a newly built campus where you will have all the necessary amenities.
  •  Extra-curricular activities: weekly Spanish lessons, guided tours to neighboring cities, attendance to first division league matches, guided tours on weekends.
  •  Medical assistance and insurance. Training and monitoring staff. Private transportation to all training sessions. Quartely report to parents on all progress including observations from the staff within the residence.

Besides the complete course, we offer a series of customized programs as well as our Summer Camp

In International Soccer Academy of Madrid we trust


    We apply the following rules in order to help you in adapting to the new environment (new place, culture, language, people, etc):


  •  A person/tutor to give support and look after your needs or doubts.
  •  A series of activities including native boys to help promote communication and interpersonal relationship.
  •  Mandatory Spanish course on a weekly basis so as to help you to relate and communicate better.

Follow Up:

In order to help improve the Academy, each week, the tutor assigned to you will have a meeting with you to talk about general aspects, to hear suggestions, complaints or see if you need something in particular.

As well as this, a quarterly progress report will be mailed to parents or legal guardians via e-mail or postal address for them to see their boy’s progress. This report will include progress in areas such as behaviour, Spanish language, effort, the school report card and a report from the football team.

Behaviour Aspects:

    • For your own benefit, you will be living in a safe and secure facility. Parents can give their written consent so that boys may leave the premises under their own responsibility. (This will be during the boy’s free time only.)


  •  At school, you will receive the help of a school coordinator/ supporter to help you with adapting from being away from home or with the challenges of being in a different country.
  •  During the football practices, the team coach will be responsible for you during training sessions or soccer matches.
  •  Before entering the program both parents and students must sign and agree to an established code of behaviour as a condition to enter our program.


We want you to feel at ease and help you make the best of the experience our program offers. Health and accident insurance will be provided from day one. There is a medical centre close to the housing facility as well as a clinic inside the school and the sports centre. In case of an emergency, one of the main hospitals is located within a few kilometers.


International Soccer Academy of Madrid is a youth football school for boys located in Madrid, Spain. Participants are provided the unique opportunity of advancing their football skills with our soccer camp boarding program, while gaining valuable international experience and learning about the Spanish culture. The International Soccer Academy of Madrid provides elite soccer training and education to our students from 14 to 20 years old in an immersed environment.

International Soccer Academy of Madrid provides youth football coaching, education and training in an immersive international environment. Students from across the globe come to our Football Academy to receiving the training and education necessary to become elite football players, gain self confidence and maturity, and learn about the Spanish culture.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives at International Soccer Academy of Madrid are:

To give the individual proper football training and practice in the best soccer leagues available.

To offer a unique experience and help the individual gain soft confidence and maturity.

Top-quality education in a native Spanish environment.

A well-organized structure with professional counselors in all related areas.


Our housing facility and the main training ground are located in the beautiful town of Alalpardo. Colegio Montealbir is located 10 minutes away from Alalpardo. Other training grounds are located in the city of Alcobendas, in the district of Valdelasfuentes.

InterSoccer Madrid Residence

When not on the pitch at our Football school or in the classroom, our students will board at our Official Residence. This is located in the quiet peaceful village of Alalpardo, a community with a population of 2,500 and located 30 km away from the international airport of Madrid Barajas, 32 kilometers away from the center of Madrid and 21 kilometers away from Alcobendas.

A private transportation service is provided for airport transfers as well as the training practices in Alcobendas. This is included in our price.

The InterSoccer Madrid Football School Residence is a comfortable country-style house that houses a maximum of 30 young footballers at any given time. The house is furnished for your child’s comfort and enjoyment. With new houses being built soon, we hope to increase the number of children to 60. Students are hosted in individual or shared (1 other student) bedroom.

Services included:

  •  Room cleaning
  •  Laundry service
  •  Dining-room including three main meals
  •  Concierge
  •  Supermarket
  •  Transportation service
  •  Home repair/assistance
  •  Computer repair services
  •  Fax, photocopy and printing services
  •  Private tutoring
  •  Administrative and tourist advice
  •  Also, located within the house, we have a collective dining hall, tv room, wi-fi internet access, game room and dry cleaning among other things.
  •  Best of all, we have a highly qualified group of staff whose sole purpose is giving your child the best experience possible.


Montealbir School

While our Football Academy’s fundamental goal is to improve your soccer skills, we know that a great education is also important. The InterSoccer Madrid soccer school provides admission to one of Madrid’s best schools to provide you with the best education available during your stay with us.

Located 10 minutes away from the house, it is one of the best schools in town and has an excellent academic programme. All classrooms have computers. Ages ranges from 3 months to 18 years old.

It has an area of 12,500 m² and includes the following facilities:

  •  Indoor gym and swimming pool
  •  Computers in all classrooms
  •  Free Internet access
  •  Multimedia classrooms
  •  Language lab
  •  Science and technology labs
  • Arts lab
  •  Library
  •  School auditorium
  •  Outdoor courts and tracks
  •  Garden areas
  •  Shop


Alcobendas Football Club Training Camp

All soccer training will be carried out in the Alcobendas Football Club training camp. Each boy will be allocated to a team according to his age and level of play.

The Alcobendas Football Club is located in the sports complex of the Valdelasfuentes district which is considered by many as the second best in Europe and has received many awards.

Training Camp Facilities:

    • The sports complex is made up of three main areas


  •  Swimming pool and spa
  •  Three artificial grass football fields and four indoor football courts
  •  Tennis and paddle courts, basketball court, race track, skate ring, climbing wall and a Spanish version of racket ball known as “frontón”.
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