Rishabh , External Academy Intersoccer student, signs for Alcobendas Levitt

Rishabh, a native of India, lived his first Spanish football experience at A.C. InterSoccer Madrid during the 2013/2014 season. Then, in the following season, 2014/2015 , as a resident student again, began to demonstrate his skills with the ball, his intelligence, and perfect positioning in place of midfielder; showing like a classic 5. So much that, despite not being able to play FIFA official competition for having a minor foreign status, however, caught the attention of local technicians in the city of Alcobendas. Thus, in the spring of 2015 we could see him defending the jersey of the Sub / 16 selection of Alcobendas in the match played against the selection of the Madrid Football Federation, on the occasion of the inauguration of Luis Aragones Stadium.

Now, again in Spain, and already over 18 years, while he is studying Business Management and Administration, he has drawn again the attention of the technical staff of Alcobendas Levitt National Youth League –our sponsor club- and is now defending their colors after his recent signing.

In addition, as an external student of the A.C. InterSoccer he will play the “InterSoccer Open Talent League 2016/2017.”

Welcome Rishabh and good luck!

El Jugador de la India, Rishabh, alumno externo de la Academia Intersoccer, ficha por el Juvenil Nacional del Alcobendas Levitt

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