Last Sunday the 16th MATCH OF THE OPEN LEAGUE OF TALENTOS INTERSOCCER was played in the municipal field of Alalpardo. On a sunny morning the opponent was of a very high level of football: the team Sub / 16 of the academy Evergrande FC ;

the Chinese club with the highest level and curriculum in the country’s soccer history.


In addition, the game served to honor the boys of the AC INTERSOCCER team who, against all odds, and in an incredible demonstration of great football quality and high competitive ability, recently were runners-up in the III VICENTE DEL BOSQUE TOURNAMENT. Alalpardo, being only surpassed in a very disputed final for a whole FC Sevilla; maybe the best current team in the category of Spain.

Before the start of the game, the councilor for sports of the municipality of Valdeolmos-Alalpardo imposed on all the team and technical staff a commemorative medal and a memento of such an important sporting achievement of the boys of the academy.

The match played later against the guys from Evergrande was very entertaining and balanced. So much that it ended with the final victory of the Chinese academy by 1/0.

Previously, in the early hours of the morning, there was also an interesting match between a children’s team of the Football Club Casablanca – touring Spain on a stage organized by our organization Intersoccer – and a team made up of children from Alcobendas Levitt and from our InterSoccer academy. This match ended with the convincing victory of the local team by 6/1.

Nice morning of football and emotions to remember.





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