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Madrid InterSoccer 2016-2017 Short Stays

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Madrid InterSoccer 2016-2017 Short Stays

Septiembre 2016 a junio 2017

Madrid InterSoccer Short Stays program runs at same time to our "Elite InterSoccer Program" full course and shares most of its programming and activities.

The length of stay can vary from 1 to 3 months or at the request of the participants it can be adjusted to their needs.

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The program is intended for:

  • Young players born between 1998 and 2001
  • Nationals from Spain or any country worldwide. Being a short stay, visa applications may not be necessary.

Program director and staff

  • Sports General Manager: David Hernandez, Sports General Manager of Intersoccer Madrid Academy. Titled with level 3 coach UEFA PRO level, highest possible level. It is, in turn, Sports Director of the home-grown players of Alcobendas Levitt CF - InterSoccer sponsor club- and a curriculum that proves very successful as a coach, among others: two promotions to the Youth Division de Honor category and promotion of senior National Third Division team. David Hernandez, besides being the great sports architect of the magnificent pool of green Levitt players, currently is one most prestigious technicians working with football foundation in the community of Madrid.

    Through his hands, besides being the discoverer of top player Fernando Torres -Atletico de Madrid-, have passed players that have gone of international stature as Mario Suarez -Fiorentina- and goalkeeper Roberto -Olimpyacos-, among many others.

  • Alcobendas-Levitt CF coaches in highest official rank: level 3. Also a coaching staff and a specific goalkeepers trainer and a personal trainer.
  • Football lessons are taught in Spanish and English.

The program includes:

  • Accommodation, full board, at InterSoccer Residence in Alalpardo. Comfortable double rooms apartments with everything you need to enjoy your stay.
  • Language classes (Spanish - English). The training will be compatible with daily morning football training.
  • Personal football training sessions every morning from Monday to Friday (2h approx.) in Alalpardo Football pitch also combined with theoretical lessons and videos in the multipurpose rooms at the InterSoccer Residence.
  • Afternoon training sessions, two or three days a week, at the discretion of Sports Management and depending on federative status of each player*. Training could be done also within any of the associated teams in the sports facilities of Alalpardo or Alcobendas.
  • Participation in League matches or tournaments within a team, always at the discretion of the coach and depending on the federative status of each player *.
  • Regular coaching sessions by top football professionals.
  • Physiotherapist to treat injuries or muscle pain.
  • Swimming pool once a week to complete physical training.
  • Sports psychologist, from the University Autonoma of Madrid, to help getting the best possible performance
  • Transportation: The organization has access to private transport for scheduled activities: between the Residence and sports facilities, the school, airport, hospital or clinic if injury or illness, etc.
  • Depending on personal football performance, trials sessions may be available at Club Atletico Madrid (Spain), at Club Elche C.F. from Alicante, or any other club of same status, or in their sports schools, with a possible signing and enrollment to these clubs.
  • SANITAS health insurance, a prestigious private Spanish health company.
  • Periodic reports about academic, sports, attitude and behavior will be send to parents or tutors.
  • Sportswear pack.
  • Possible alternative activities **: Santiago Bernabeu Tour or visit the museum of Club Atletico Madrid, attending a match of Spanish Professional Football League (Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, or Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon Stadium).

(*) View FIFA regulations on the players status and transfers, art. 19 and 19bis.
(**) As long as the period of stay match the schedule.

InterSoccer Residence Transportation Alalpardo Football Camp Valdelasfuentes Sports City pool Alcobendas Facilities Coaching sessions Sanitas Sportswear pack

Novelties in the course 2016-2017

  • Intersoccer Talents Open League Games -15 games held-, with possibility to know different Spanish cities.
  • PMD Football 7 League. We play 15 league games and a Cup championship

As long as the period of stay match the schedule

Tourism visit


From 1 to 3 months * The length and dates of each stay will be set freely by student with InterSoccer Madrid, always depending on the availability of resources. Available dates are from September 15, 2016 to June 21, 2017

During winter holidays, from December 21, 2016 to January 7, 2017, and during Easter week 2017, the school activities will cease and the school will remain closed.


3146 EUR per month (tax included) See payment terms on the registration document
Time limit for registration at least one month in advance of the requested date.

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